What are the essential criteria for choosing your tongue drum?

Are you looking to buy your tongue drum for the first time? It is not obvious which one to choose. There are several brands, several models and being a beginner, you are in a quandary. In order to choose your tongue drum, there are a number of important criteria to consider. Find out in this article some of these criteria.

Choosing a tongue drum based on the number of languages

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, the first question you should ask yourself before buying your tongue drum is how many languages to choose. Generally, the number of languages determines the number of notes you can play with the tongue drum. In fact, if you choose a 10 language tongue drum, you can play 10 notes of music. For a beginner, it would be wise to stop for the moment on a tongue drum of 11 notes at most. But if you want to go faster and play music scores, opt for a 15-note tongue drum instead.

Choosing a tongue drum based on its size

The size of the tongue drum is also an essential part of choosing the instrument that would fit you. If you want to carry your tongue drum around easily, it would be best to choose a tongue drum that is no more than 30 cm in diameter. It may weigh 2 kilos and you can carry it easily. But if you prefer your tongue drum to be heavy, choose a size smaller than 30 cm in diameter. Also, the larger the tongue drum, the more resonant it is. The smaller or medium size is more suitable for fast and less loud music. However, when the tongue drum is small and the number of tongues is large, there will be interference between the notes when you press a tongue.