What are the different types of tongue drum?

The Tongue Drum or Hank Drum is a radio instrument that allows you to play and produce relaxing sounds. This percussion instrument has several notes like a piano and can therefore create beautiful melodies. You can encounter various models of this percussive instrument.

The acoustic tongue drum

The Tongue Drum this musical instrument comes in several aspects. Firstly, to quickly get it, you will find a tongue drum in finland with a lot of discount on the purchase. As a beginner, it is often advisable to use the acoustic Tongue Drum first. The acoustic tongue drum, also known as the Tongue Drum Beat Root, is a tongue drum with less than 10 notes. It is therefore easy for the user to quickly master the combinations for the creation of his melody. Moreover, it has a deep resonance. It is best recommended for children. Adult people can also use it.

The electro-acoustic model

As for the electro-acoustic tongue, it is composed of several notes and offers a multitude of possibilities to vary its melody. It also offers soothing and intuitive sounds and leads the musician to find pleasure. It is furthermore integrated with a microphone to amplify the power of the melody when attached to a jack.

The Tongue Drum Multi-scale

The Tongue Drum Multi-scale is a modern form of Tongue Drum working as both an acoustic and electro-acoustic Tongue Drum. It is equipped with a tuning system that offers multiple scales. However, the Tongue Drum Multiscale musician can connect it to an amp or mixer to vary the sound effects. It is the best Tongue Drum for professional musicians because of its tuning system. A beginner can also use it acoustically. However, you can combine your Tongue Drum with other musical instruments for more professionalism.