The different welding stations

The welding station is a device that allows welding operations to be carried out in the best conditions. Very efficient, it has many advantages that make it a perfect ally for welding operations. Moreover, there are different types of welding stations that we suggest you discover in this article.

The electronic station

This is the most advanced model and it is mostly aimed at professionals. Nevertheless, it can also be used by individuals. Very reliable, the electronic welding station ensures a high level of temperature when welding but also when desoldering. In addition, it includes a protection system against interference and voltage peaks from other devices. There is also a vacuum pump for continuous use. If you are looking for a good welding station, find out here.

The analog station

The analogue station is the most basic model. Its use requires the intervention of a potentiometer to adjust the temperature. The latter is generally estimated between 150 and 450°C. Its price is affordable and it is most suitable for occasional use.

The digital station

Here, the temperature can be adjusted from the welding station. This makes this model more convenient than the analogue version. In addition, the digital station offers high accuracy and has an LCD display that provides temperature information. Also, the heating time of the soldering tip is faster and the temperature ranges from 150 to 450°C. This model is perfect for regular use.

The memory model

The memory station is recommended for those who perform repetitive welding tasks. Indeed, it allows you to program one or more temperature levels for easier use. Finally, it heats up very quickly and offers great precision.