How to choose a battery for a laptop?

If your computer's battery fails to charge, it is necessary to replace it. However, it's not just a matter of getting up and going to get some kind of battery, but you have to make sure that it has the same characteristics as the original. To avoid making a mistake during your selection, here are some tips.


Consult the reference of the battery

It is the set of information on the manufacture, the factory of production, the brand of the computer, the country of origin which constitutes the reference of the battery. It is usually written on a sticker attached to the battery and is an important source of information.

The sticker with the battery reference is noticeable when the battery is separated from the computer. The most important element to read on the reference is of course the manufacturing code which is made up of numbers and letters.

If your battery fails, you should make sure that this code, for example: Apple computer: AXXXX e.g. A1185, is also included in the reference of the new battery you want to buy.


Check the battery voltage

This is also one of the parameters to take into account when choosing your new battery. Apart from the battery reference, you should make sure that the energy capacity of the new battery is proportional to that of the old one.

This criterion must be taken into account to avoid the risk of incompatibility. A battery with a voltage of, say, 11.5 V would not meet the energy requirements of a computer that needs 14 V to operate.

The voltage of the battery should also be adapted to a certain number of cells. For example, a 10.8 V battery usually consists of 6 cells. So when replacing the battery in your PC, you should be careful to do this little check.