Central Project 1

Coordination and administration of the Clinical Research Unit-286


 The central project (CP1) encompasses the coordination and organization of the CRU-286, as well as two rotation positions for physician scientists (Gerok positions). It is a major aim of this CRU to translate basic research into clinical applications in CLL diagnostics and therapy. It is therefore important to involve clinically active scientists with a strong focus on translational cancer biology in our CRU. To promote the training of young physician scientists and to create a protected niche for their scientific education, we will provide two Gerok positions. These positions will be filled with physicians that want to interrupt their clinical training for an extended period of time to pursue scientific research projects in our laboratories. In the Center of Molecular Medicine Cologne and in the Excellence Cluster (CECAD), we have excellent experience with these rotational positions. Moreover, the budget for gender equality and will be administered by the scientific coordinator's office.